Eyecare Services

Your vision is a precious gift, and maintaining optimal eye health is crucial for a clear and vibrant life. At Advanced Family Eye Care, your optometrist in Allentown, PA, our team is dedicated to providing eyecare services that cater to your individual needs. We understand the importance of clear vision and strive to deliver personalized solutions for all your eye care needs.


Routine Eye Exams: The Cornerstone of Eye Health

Regular eye exams are essential for detecting and preventing eye diseases, even if you don't currently experience vision problems. During a routine eye exam, we may assess your visual acuity, check your eye pressure, and evaluate the overall health of your eyes. This assessment allows us to identify potential issues early on, when they are most treatable.

Vision Testing

In addition to routine eye exams, we offer a range of vision testing services to ensure you have the clearest and most comfortable vision possible. Our equipment and training allow us to accurately measure your refractive error and prescribe corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. We also offer vision testing for conditions like binocular vision disorders, amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (crossed eyes).

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases

We are also skilled in diagnosing and managing various eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Early detection and treatment of these conditions may be crucial for preserving your vision and preventing irreversible damage. We will work closely with you to develop personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs and concerns.

Other Eyecare Services

At Advanced Family Eye Care, we offer an array of eyecare services beyond routine exams and vision testing. Some of these services include:

•             Contact lens exams and fittings

•             Dry eye evaluation and treatment

•             Management of eye infections and injuries

•             Co-management of eye surgery recovery and consultation

Don’t let your vision suffer needlessly. Contact your eye doctor in Allentown, PA, or your optometrist in Allentown, PA, to get the eye care your eyes may need.

Get Vision Testing, Eye Doctor Services, and an Eye Exam from an Optometrist Near You

Don't wait until you experience vision problems to seek professional help. Regular eye exams are essential for early detection and prevention of eye diseases. Contact us at Advanced Family Eye Care today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a lifetime of healthy vision. If you are looking for an eye doctor in Allentown, PA, we are here to help. Call us at (610) 434-1371 for vision testing and an eye exam from an optometrist near you.


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